AAA Entertainment

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The Best Wedding DJ, MC company in Southern California (Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County)

Your Wedding DJ & MC has an important responsibility at your wedding reception. Choosing the right person for your wedding can "make" or "break" the spirit of your wedding celebration.


As your wedding DJ & MC Entertainment, we will be assumed to take on several roles beyond just music playing music and making a few announcements, whether they know it or not. The reality is, your wedding DJ & MC is the visible spokesperson for your wedding, the host, and thereby, the person guests assume “responsible” for crafting the comprehensive entertainment experience for everyone from the moment they arrive, to your last dance. Because of this assumption, your wedding DJ & MC is presumed to take on the task of fully organizing, creating, building, then maintaining a wedding’s full sequence of events, then seamlessly delivering them in a professional manner that keeps everyone engaged, entertained and informed.

Our mission is to provide a very lively and interactive atmosphere for our clients and their guests.